Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Spain,Extremadura, 2017. Part 8. One step forward, two back!

Saturday saw us leaving Colera Y Chozas in the dark and before the hotel bar had opened for coffee we were heading off west along the motorway. The further we went the worse the weather became.
By the time we got to Monfrague NP it was lashing down.
Things were not looking good!
The only "town" is a purpose built visitor centre with self catering accommodation, an exhibition centre, a bar/restaurant or two, huge car park and toilets.
Everywhere was still shut it was so early!
We found some vending machines that at least produced a coffee to keep us going.
We drove on but it was pointless going up to the Castillo, it was shrouded in mist.
We returned to the tourist centre which by now was open.
The forecast was grim for the whole day.
We should have checked before we left.
Oh well. Such is life. We ordered a tortilla bocadillo and a cup of coffee which wasn't exactly inspiring and was a rip off at 19 euros for the two of us.
There was little option other than to return to base so that's what we did. A 230km journey for nothing. Not a single photograph taken.
We both spent the day in our room, me looking at my sorry collection of blurred images and doing a bit of web surfing. At least we had a great wifi connection in the Hostal Cuatro Camino!
By the time the weather had brightened up it was too late to do anything so the day was a write off. Tomorrow wasn't too good a forecast either and I felt a bit guilty as I had pushed Mike into being first in the Black-winged Kite hide, the reason being that if he went first he could decide if a 1.4TC was needed and if it was he could lend me his the following day!
I suggested we might toss a coin to see who went first but he was happy to stick as it was. After all, too much sun would be difficult on the white areas of the birds.
That was it then. I'd be doing Bee-eaters first and I'd be collected at 7.30am. Mike on the other hand had to be ready and outside by 5.45am.
With that in mind he joined me for a couple of pints in the bar before heading to bed at around 8.00pm. With nothing else to do I did likewise!
Things could only get better.

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