Monday, 10 July 2017

Bulgaria, June 2017 Part 9 Postscript

When you have the time to allow you to do so, it's amazing what late deals can be found but even at full price this particular holiday is excellent value.
The Bella Vista Beach Club wouldn't be my first choice venue as the day time activities are loud with a bit of a holiday camp atmosphere and the smoking I find hard to put up with.
As an aside I have written to Tui suggesting that they have the weight to try and encourage hotels to provide non smoking areas outdoors as well as indoors. As an individual you will get nowhere if you object to the hotel management but surely I can't be alone, maybe if everyone who objects wrote in we might get somewhere. It's not exactly difficult to implement after all. Anyway, I await a reply to my letter with interest.
The one unexpected factor we encountered were the number of children staying at the hotel too as we hadn't realised the school holidays start a lot earlier in Europe. The downside of the all inclusive set up is that parents allowed their children to help themselves from drink machines and ice cream tubs. The staff must be as frustrated as anyone at the mess they make. Personally for me it was the fact that some were licking the spoon before leaving it back in the ice cream.
That's my Mr Grumpy moment over so now back to the positives.
The surrounding countryside made escape from the crowds so very easy. I think a month earlier and the birdlife might be easier seen as well but the weather of course might be less settled. I'm not sure when the package tours start but you can of course fly to Sofia all the year round but it's a long drive to the coast which will take most of a day. Flying direct to Burgas with a charter flight is a great alternative.
Staying nearer to Burgas you do have the large expanse of wetlands on your doorstep and with a hire car could explore both north and south.
For me though no visit to Bulgaria can be complete without a visit to Trigrad Gorge and the magical Wallcreeper and that is certainly out of season for the Burgas flights as well as being some distance away.
Anyway, my blog pages about earlier trips will help you decide if Bulgaria is for you. 
I don't think you'd be disappointed though.

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