Sunday, 19 July 2015

Isle of May Part 4

With most of my time spent watching the charismatic Guillemots, Razorbills, Puffins and Arctic Tern chicks I didn't have too much interest in the other species which is always a regret later.
Herring Gulls.... we have them in abundance where I live. In fact they are seen as a pest as they attack tourists and steal their food. They build nests on peoples roofs and raid their rubbish bins. At least on the Isle of May they appeared in a scenic environment!
Herring Gull
Not that my locality doesn't have superb scenery I hasten to add!
Likewise the Lesser Black-backed Gulls received scant attention too. The exception being from the dry confines of the Low Light on wet days!
Lesser Black-backed Gull   Larus Fuscus
At least you can try and make the photo a bit more interesting.
One gull I should have spent more time watching was the Kittiwake. There were several thousand nesting on the cliffs I would imagine. The nests intricately built compared to the scruffy Shag's nests or simple rock ledge of the Razorbill and Guillemot.
The Kittiwake is an elegant bird but being extremely white it makes capturing an image in bright light quite a challenge.
Kittewake at dawn
In flight they can look extremely attractive too.
However, the noise they make can eventually be quite wearing but it is quite evocative of the Isle of May.
The other stunning bird in flight is one of my favourites. The Northern Fulmar.
Northern Fulmar
I love the way the seem to fly for the pure joy of it, hanging in the wind.
Northern Fulmar   Fulmarus Glacialis
I think a stunning looking bird.
Northern Fulmar   Fulmarus Glacialis
but there again they are all pretty special 
Arctic Tern

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