Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bulgaria, June 2017 Part 1 Bulgaria on the cheap

When you have just returned from some decent weather in Spain having left your wife to suffer the rain and cold of a British Spring you feel somewhat guilty and have a need to make amends a.s.a.p.
OK dear, let's see where we can go on a last minute package deal.
To my surprise the cost of last minute deals seemed quite high across most of Europe and we seriously considered Cuba as an all inclusive there came in at around £800pp, then I spotted Bulgaria and the Bella Vista Beach Club in Sinemoretz on the south eastern Black Sea Coast.
Now I have been to Bulgaria twice before ( with Mike whom I'd just been to Spain with!) and I have to stay it's a stunningly beautiful country for the most part with one exception. 
Sunny Beach and surrounds.
I'd passed through previously and Mike and I had declared we wouldn't be taking a holiday with our wives there, that's for sure. My idea of holiday hell.
The Bella Vista Beach Club was coming in at £420pp all inclusive for 11 nights. Half the price of Cuba and a lot less time to get there too.
A quick check on Google Maps and the area looked good. Two hours south of Sunny Beach, surrounded by a national park. We read a couple of Trip Advisor reviews and took a punt and booked it to leave 17 days later.
Then we read a few more TA reviews and to be honest, all the negatives that were being reported were seen as positives. It was allegedly boring, nothing to do, no shops, you had to pay extra for cocktails( at that price and they were still complaining?) it was at least a 90 minute drive from the airport even worse it was beyond hope of getting to Sunny Beach for a night out ( they obviously hadn't read the reviews or even thought to look at a map) and the food was cold, repetitive and with little choice.
The latter concerned me slightly but we'd eat out if the worst came to the worst.
Off we went then. An evening flight got us to Burgas for around 12.00am, there was a man waiting at arrivals to whisk us off to the hotel as we were the only ones heading that way. Thankfully, the mass of rather over excited youths we had suffered on the plane were heading to Sunny Beach.
Arrival at the hotel was straight forward, a quick check in as there were just two of us and off we headed to our room. The hotel wasn't palatial by any means but what we saw was very acceptable. We had a huge room and they had even thought to leave us a picnic pack which was a nice surprise.
By now it was 2.00am which even in UK time which is 2 hours behind is past my bedtime.
Next morning we woke up to glorious sunshine and a view of our surrounds.

Bella Vista Beach Club   Sinemoretz,Bulgaria

Not bad, it was nearly 10.00am. We'd slept in but breakfast was served until 11.00am and there aren't many place that do so that late. The choice of food was amazing too. You name it it was there.
Most people were already on the sunbeds by now so the good news was the restaurant was quiet and there was plenty of space to eat in the outdoors area. Bliss!
OK at 10.00am the animation team sprung in to action, the loudspeakers were on full blast and Justin Timberlake boomed out " You've got sunshine in your pockets". This holiday camp atmosphere seemed to go down well with most of the clientele so fair do's. I note it's had over 633 million plays on Spotify and the Bella Vista wasn't far behind. It was played four or five times a day and signalled the start of another major event.
" Can't stop the feeling"
You end up can't stop humming the tune either.
Well sunbeds and joining in the programme of activities wasn't on my agenda and fortunately there was a totally unoccupied roof terrace for wife Claire to have less intrusion from the general noise down below.
It was supposed to be a holiday for Claire but I was hopeful I'd be kept occupied with my camera too.
I'd soon find out!

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